Blast and grit Geelong

Jubilee Internal Structure 2

Geelong is a picturesque coastal city surrounded by the countryside and beautiful blue waters. While there are countless benefits of being near the seaside, an unfortunate downside is the impact of rust and corrosion.

Complete Metal Protection’s blast and grit Geelong  service can help find a solution to your troubles.

Grit blasting is a process where particles (garnet) are rapidly directed against a surface. It is a method of utilising these sharp particles for abrasive cleaning or surface preparation. This technique involves impacting the surface with hard, angular particles traveling at high speed, which removes undesirable material from the surface, revealing a clear, functional metal surface. It addresses techniques for removing scale, rust, paint, and other surface films. These high-speed abrasive particles clean the material’s surface of impurities and prepare it for protective coatings.

It is important that the application is handled by a specialist with extensive experience and training. At Complete Metal Protection, we pride ourselves on our expertise, combined with ongoing education and training.

We stand by our work as testament to our skill and expertise. Contact us to discuss your next project.