Blasting Services

Abrasive sandblasting services, Geelong-based servicing Victoria-wide

Sandblasting is the most commonly used and referred to abrasive blasting technique, with its function mainly to remove coatings, paint, rust or other types of surface contaminants, along with it being used to shape metallic surfaces, either to make surfaces smoother or rougher.

Unlike our Geelong-based glass bead blasting services, our team use abrasive sandblasting for projects that require a deeper depth profile in the preparation for coating or painting, such as steel beams or to help combat rust and corrosion that occurs on metallic surfaces, structures and machinery.

Our team are specially trained to carry of highly effective and safe abrasive sandblasting in a variety of industrial applications. Silica sand (the common sand particles used in the process of sandblasting) can be toxic to humans if the proper safety precautions are not carried out properly, which is why it’s critical that you have the experienced and highly trained team at Complete Metal Protection carry out your abrasive sandblasting needs.

The benefits of abrasive sandblasting for businesses across Victoria

When assessing whether or not sandblasting is right for your project, there is many pros to take into consideration when making your decision. Some of the benefits of using abrasive sandblasting include:

  • Removing rust, corrosion or any other substances that may be contaminating the surface of your machinery or structure will help prolong the life of said item, keeping the surface clean and healthy. Whether it’s the hull of a boat, a trailer or pipework, when it comes to getting the most out of any metal fabrication the process of sandblasting cannot be underestimated.
  • Sandblasting can save you money on labour costs. Money that would be spent on manually sanding a surface or painstakingly removing surface paint, can be done in significantly less time through the use of sandblasting.
  • Noting is better at preparing a metal surface for coating that sandblasting, by creating what is known as the ‘anchor patter’ – a series of peaks and valleys on the surface of the metal – the coating is able to strongly adhere and last longer.

Contact us to find out more about our Geelong-based abrasive sandblasting services, another popular service that we offer is garnet blasting.