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Glass Bead Blasting, Geelong

Glass bead blasting is a less abrasive method in comparison to other abrasive blasting materials commonly used by our Geelong team, including our sandblasting abrasive services. Glass beads offer a highly effective solution for removing materials such as paint or smoothing out surfaces that would otherwise be damaged by harsher abrasive blasting methods.

When you consider the multiple benefits that glass bead blasting offers businesses in terms of effectiveness, sustainability and cost, it’s no wonder this media is becoming increasingly popular when it comes to removing paint, rust and other coatings from a large range of industrial surfaces.

Glass bead blasting offering clients a cost effective and sustainable solution Victoria-wide

Glass bead blasting, similar to garnet blasting gives our Geelong and Victoria-wide clients an environmentally friendly and cheaper option for their abrasive blasting needs. The glass beads used in the blasting process are made up of recycled bottles and other glass materials, meaning the process is sustainable, non-toxic and less costly than other abrasive blasting materials.

Complete Metal Protection have extensive experience using glass bead blasting to effectively remove rust, coatings and paint from softer metal surfaces, as well as using blasting to smooth the surface of a range of metal fabrications. Our blasting shed allows us to operate on large-scale fabrications up to 30 metres in length.

We typically employ the use of glass bead blasting when working on projects in the automotive industry and other more delicate projects. When it comes to glass bead blasting services you simply cannot go past Complete Metal Protection, based in Geelong, servicing the whole of Victoria our clients range from multinational corporations in the petrochemical industry to small automotive businesses.

Not sure if glass beads are the right media for you abrasive blasting needs? Get in contact with the team at Complete Metal Protection.