Coating Services

Geelong-based polysiloxane coating services

Our Geelong-based polysiloxane coating services are deigned to help provide ongoing protection to machinery, pipework, structural steel and much more. Polysiloxane coatings is also an ideal coating if you’re looking for high colour retention and a glossy surface that looks appealing whilst providing additional protection against corrosion and rust.

Polysiloxane is a highly versatile coating that can be used in a variety of extreme temperature environments, as well as being resistant to strong UV rays. This highly effective coating is also saves on application and maintenance costs, simply because you need less coats in comparison to a lot of other coatings.

A lot of these traits, combined with the fact that the coating has anti-graffiti properties and is proficient in protecting the underlying surface from dirt, makes polysiloxane coatings a popular choice for equipment, structures and fabrications that will be accessible to the general public.

If you’re looking for a durable and highly effective coating then polysiloxane coatings make sense in the long-term, economically, aesthetically and performance-wise. Polysiloxane coatings similar to the epoxy coating services provided at our Geelong HQ, are unrivalled when it comes to preventing corrosion – the primary function of any coating.

To find out more about our polysiloxane coating services for clients Victoria-wide please get in contact with our friendly and talented team.