Coating Services

Epoxy Coating Services based in Geelong, servicing Victoria-wide

Our Geelong-based team use epoxy coatings for clients primarily because of its ability to perform in both dry and wet environments on a variety of structures, from offshore oil rigs to bridge structures and pipes.

Unlike many other coatings, one of the benefits of epoxy is its ability to be applied effectively to a variety of surfaces from hand prepared rusty steel to surfaces that have undergone abrasive sandblasting and a range of existing and aged coatings (provided they are still intact).

Epoxy coatings are commonly mixed with zinc phosphate elements to make the steel structure resistant to corrosion and rust and suitable for wet conditions.

Complete Metal Protection have extensive experience in epoxy spraying for projects both big and small, working with businesses in the mining, shipping, petrochemical industries and much more.

When it comes to cost effectively protecting large metal fabrications both onshore and offshore you cannot go past epoxy coatings for durability and versatility. Our team ensure the coating is applied with expert precision on an adequately prepared surface.

Want to know more about our Geelong-based epoxy spraying services? Get in contact with our team today. If you’re looking for a fast-dry solution for steel coatings then our enamel coating service may be the right choice for you.