Coating Services

Geelong-based polyurethane coating & spraying, servicing Victoria-wide

Polyurethane protective coatings give businesses in Geelong and beyond an all-weather solution for both onshore and offshore equipment, vehicles and metal fabrications, highly resistant to  extreme temperatures, high winds, salt water and precipitation.

Taking into consideration these factors, polyurethane coatings are well suited for use on equipment and fabrications used on offshore structure, in the petrochemical industry and on any surface that needs to be effectively protected from the elements, similar to our rich zinc primers.

The high gloss and smooth surface of polyurethane coatings mean that often dirt and other residue will be removed during rain, meaning this type of coating effectively cleans itself.

The high gloss components of polyurethane coatings combined with its ability to retain colour over time also makes it a popular choice for various types of machinery and transportation vehicles, giving them an attractive shiny finish.

When you deliver your equipment, fabrications, vehicle, trailer or pipework off at our coating shed for polyurethane spraying you can rest assured knowing you’re asset will be well protected and look state-of-the-art by the time our team we done with it.

Whether you have pipework that needs to be protected from all types of weather or a vehicle that you want to look eye-catching whilst being well protected, Complete Metal Protection will ensure you receive the highest quality of workmanship.

Our team also provide polysiloxane coating services in Geelong, ideal for those wanting additional protection against corrosion.