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Zinc Rich & Inorganic Zinc Rich primers, Geelong

When it comes to protecting steel fabrications in harsh environments, a high-quality zinc rich primer applied in Geelong by our expert team becomes a necessity. So how does it work? Zinc rich primers play an important role in acting as a barrier between the environment, the top-level coating and the substrate. Zinc rich primers will actually slowly corrode underneath the surface coating to ensure the steel underneath remains intact.

The zinc particles in our zinc rich primer make them an ideal choice for many businesses working in the petrochemical and mining industries, due to their high effectiveness in protecting steel and metal fabrications from water, salt and other potential contaminants.

Similarly, inorganic Zinc Rich Coatings also provide excellent corrosion protection to a range of metal fabrications. The main difference between organic and inorganic zinc primers is the binders they use, organic zinc rich primers can be made with a range of binders with the main one being epoxy, whereas inorganic zinc rich primers primarily use a silicate binder.  Complete Metal Protection provide our clients with both options. Inorganic zinc rich primers are generally difficult to apply and should only be done by specialists.

Complete Metal Protection is an approved applicator of some of the highest quality coatings and primers on the market, including Dulux Protective Coatings. To find out more about zinc primers contact our team. We also provide a variety of coating services, including polyurethane coating services at our Geelong headquarters.