Coating Services

Geelong-based enamel coating services

Complete Metal Protection’s alkyd enamel coatings offer Geelong and Victoria-wide business a multi purpose, high gloss coating that drys fast and is ideal for many steel structures and equipment. Our enamel coatings are applied to a primed surface by our experienced and highly proficient team, ensuring that the coating can do its job optimally.

Our high-quality enamel coatings are highly effective abrasives that protect the underlying surface from corrosion, rust and the elements, when applied by our team with proper surface preparation the coating will protect the surface for many years to come and will be unlikely to flake or break apart.

There are many reasons enamel coatings are a go-to for many industrial businesses, with the high gloss factor actively protecting the surface from dust, dirt and debris, as well as preventing the surface from being scratched.

Not to mention the fact that the smooth enamel surface allows for easy cleaning, making this an ideal coating for everything from piping to mining equipment and steel beams. The team at Complete Metal Protection have commitment to the highest quality of workmanship, which is why we only use the best possible coatings on the market that provide adequate protection for your steel fabrications.

Want to find out more about our enamel coating services in Geelong? We service clients Victoria-wide, from the mining industry to construction and more. Get in contact with our team to find out what kind of coating would be best for your project. We also provide polysiloxanes coating services.