Inorganic zinc coated steel facilities Ballarat

Trailer abrasive blasting and coating

Inorganic zinc coated facilities in Ballarat play a crucial role in ensuring that your steel protection needs are met. At Complete Metal Protection, we value and understand the significance of corrosion prevention.

Inorganic zinc coatings are made up mostly of metallic zinc dust and a high-performance binder. The result is enhanced steel corrosion resistance and increased weather resistance. We understand the importance of steel fortification and, with our inorganic zinc coated steel facility, not only have the capacity to satisfy your requirements, but also have the necessary the expertise and abilities to meet all demands.

Expert knowledge and extensive experience are required to be able to successfully execute metal protection. Complete Metal Protection is proud of the knowledge acquired through years of experience combined with continuous education and training.

Our work and relationship with our clients are a testimony of our experience and expertise.

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