Steel Priming Melbourne

Vehicle Ramps abrasive balsting and coating

Steel Priming in Melbourne is a crucial step in ensuring that the severe impacts of rust and corrosion will not affect your steel product. Steel that has undergone the process of being painted using a primer made of resin, additives, and solvents is referred to as primed steel.

Rust develops through the oxidation of exposed steel. This often occurs due to paint that adheres poorly to the bare steel surface, flaking off in huge chunks. Correctly prepared steel helps the paint adhere to the metal surface for a longer period of time, giving good adhesion. Priming also reduces the severity of imperfect surfaces on the steel product while also increasing steel’s resistance against corrosion through several components that are effective in cleaning, sealing, and protecting. The coating also increases steel’s passivity, which makes it more resistant to corrosion causing agents within the environment such as rain, humidity, and salt.

The theory behind this procedure is well understood, but execution requires a high level of proficiency.

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