Inorganic zinc coated steel facilities, Melbourne

Complete Metal Protection

At Complete Metal Protection we understand the importance of corrosion prevention.  Our inorganic zinc coated steel facilities service Melbourne and will cater to your steel protection needs.

Metallic zinc dust and a high-performance binder are the main ingredients used to create inorganic zinc coatings. Advanced corrosion protection for steel and a greater resistance to harsh weather are the end result. Inorganic zinc coatings are used for a variety of applications, including bridges, pipework, and steel. We recognise the significance of steel fortification and not only have the capacity through our inorganic zinc coated steel facility to cater to your requirements but also have the necessary expertise and skills to meet all specifications.

Although the theory behind this method is widely understood, application requires expert knowledge and skill. At Complete Metal Protection, we take pride in the knowledge gained from years of experience paired with continuous education and training.

We stand by our work as testimony of our ability and knowledge.
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