Metal priming, Melbourne

Metal priming, Melbourne

Melbourne’s beautiful bay side setting has many advantages; seaside living comes with some unwanted side effects. Severe impacts of rust and corrosion are a common effect of the salty air.

Complete Metal Protection’s Metal Priming services in Melbourne can help you find a solution to your problems.

Primed steel is prepared via the application of a primer or undercoat prior to painting. This application acts as a bonding agent that allows the paint to better adhere to metal. Primers contain several components that are effective in cleansing, sealing, and safeguarding metal. As a result, this procedure improves the coating’s adhesion to the surface, providing extra protection for the steel.

The coating increases metal’s passivity, which makes it more resistant to corrosion-causing agents in the environment such as salt, rain, and humidity. Primed steel aids in the prevention of corrosion and oxidation and greatly improves the life of the material.

Although the theory behind this procedure is understood the execution requires a high level of expertise. Complete Metal Protection has the expertise and knowledge that comes from years of experience and training. We stand behind our work and commitment to provide quality, service, and integrity. Contact us to discuss metal priming needs.