NACE accredited coatings Melbourne

Industrial coatings

Here at Complete Metal Protection, we understand the value of being NACE accredited in Melbourne. Having NACE accreditation provides our clients, and the wider community, with the reassurance of our dedication to professional and responsible service delivery. We take our NACE accreditation very seriously. And we proudly display the NACE logo.

The National Association of Corrosion Engineers (NACE) is an organisation serving nearly 35,000 members in 130 countries and established globally as one of the premier authorities for corrosion control solutions. Being NACE accredited provides certifications that promote public safety and environmental protection while reducing the economic impact of corrosion.

For heavy engineering, structural steel, pipe work, and a variety of other fabrication industries, Complete Metal Protection is the go-to protective coatings specialist in Melbourne and Geelong. We establish and sustain strong client relationships by upholding the highest levels of quality, service, and integrity. All aspects of our operations have procedural standards in place and our skilled employees provide the highest level of service. Our NACE accreditation is a testament to our dedication to deliver the highest level of service to our partners and clients.

We take pride in the knowledge earned from years of experience paired with continuous education and training. We stand by our work as testimony of our ability and knowledge.

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