Inorganic Zinc Steel Coating for Large Metal Plates Melbourne

industrial metal plate blasting and coating

Do you have a large steel metal plates that are in need of quick and professional inorganic zinc coatings in Melbourne? We at Complete Metal Protection (CMP) have the experience, industry expertise and large facilities to get the job done and exceed far beyond client expectation.

What exactly does an inorganic zinc steel coating entail?

The process of coating metal plates, and other forms of metal with inorganic zinc protects the steelwork from the ravages of corrosion. Our team of seasoned experts regularly undertake this job, in order to shield steel from high temperature and abrasion, whilst ensuring the durability and longevity of the steel.

No matter how big or small your job is, the Complete Metal Protection team can assist you. Our large blasting and coating facilities based in Moolap, Geelong spanning over 2 acres allow us to work on projects of all sizes. We have an extensive range of equipment, thorough safety measures and our team of experts are qualified to complete the job to the highest standard of quality with unmatched turn-around times.

Servicing the whole of Victoria, We at Complete Metal Protection have a strong commitment to customer service, quality and ensure optimum durability and performance. Contact us today on (03) 5248 2021 to learn more about our professional and industry leading inorganic zinc steel coating services for large metal plates in Melbourne. We look forward hearing from you.

Check out our most recent video regarding an inorganic zinc steel coating project for large metal plates which included a process of blasting, priming and rolling to build diesel tanks in Melbourne.