Durable Coastal Coatings for Metal Surfaces, Geelong

Coastal Coatings

The coastal environment around Geelong and surrounds can be as harsh as it is beautiful. The weather extremes from glorious sunshine to beating rain, from the hottest of days to the coolest, merged with occasional high wind speeds and that oh so corrosive salty air, mean that durable coastal coatings for metal surfaces are essential for long term protection.
After hundreds of years of metals being used in extreme marine environments the science behind superior performance corrosion resistant coatings has come a long way.

The benefits of epoxy coatings in such applications are significant. Often combined with zinc rich or zinc phosphate elements, these coatings provide outstanding resistance to rust and corrosion and are well suited to wet and salty conditions.

The team at CMP offer complete professional standards and extensive expertise in the preparation for, and the application of epoxy coatings for such situations.

The CMP team will advise you on the right solutions for your project, contact us for more information.