Premium protective coating system in 2 coats for steel

Level Crossing Melbourne 2 Coat System

We recently undertook a project of applying a premium protective coating system in 2 coats. This job was with a major Melbourne fabricator that is part of the level crossing removal project in Melbourne. This is using an acrylic polysiloxane, Interfine® 979.  This product provides a high performance, two-component, high solids inorganic hybrid finish which contains no free isocyanates.  In plain English, this provides quality long term protection with a relatively quick turn around time.

The system we used was a 2 coat system of Zinc rich epoxy primer (Interzinc 52) with a Polysiloxane topcoat Interfine 979.

This application provides:

  • excellent corrosion resistance
  • long term superior durability
  • long-term colour and gloss retention (where visual impact is important)
  • reduced application time
  • Improved productivity
  • improved delivery time frames

With ou large blasting and coating facilities in Geelong coupled with our quality workmanship, we are able to work with a large variety of metal coating systems. This 2 coat system enabled a fast turn around time to our client’s time frames to a Melbourne location. If you are looking for a steel coating system where the finished product is a visual part of the construction you need to consider this system. Industrial and commercial steelwork, (architectural steelwork), bridges and offshore structures are just some of the useful applications.

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