Industrial inorganic zinc coated steel

inorganic zinc coated / painted steel

At Complete Metal Protection (CMP) our large facilities mean we have the capacity for those large industrial inorganic zinc coated steel jobs.

When looking to treat steel with corrosion resistance (rust resistant) properties for those larger commercial jobs you can opt for hot dipped galvanized steel or inorganic zinc painted steel. Both treatments come in at a comparable price and both rely on metallic zinc for their corrosion resistance properties. However it’s in the application of the coating where the differences take place. Without going into the technicalities,a US coatings blog states under many difficult corrosion conditions, the inorganic zinc coating will have a much longer life than the galvanizing under the same conditions. Another issue that may present for hot dipped galvanized steel is warping of the steel during the hot dipping process.

Without a doubt inorganic zinc primers would appear to win the day as the hot dipped galvanizing process just does not offer the same abrasive and chemical protection.

The image attached is from a job CMP did for GFC Industries, the builder was Multiplex at 80 Collins Street.

Industrail inorganic zinc primers are just some of the jobs we can do for you at CMP, we also work with enamels and  epoxy coatings amongst others. Call us now for you next large industrial coating job.