Grit blasting and protective coatings for a marine environment

Cricket screen blasting and protective paint coating

Abrasive blasting and epoxy coating for salt air protection, Portarlington, Port Phillip Bay

The Portarlington Cricket club came to Complete Metal Protection (CMP) to ask if we could help them out by grit blasting and painting with protective coatings their newly acquired sight screens.

Whilst small jobs like this is not something we focus on it was definitely something we could help with. This environment (marine, salt air, coastal) can be incredibly damaging to metals and materials prone to corrosion. They needed a solution that is durable and will survive the elements.

After discussion about the location of their oval, exposure to the marine and salt air environment and what they were wanting regarding service life for their metal equipment exposed to this harsh Australian environment we decide to go with a 3 coat system after the initial grit blasting.

The 3 coat system is ideal for protection against the specific elements in a coastal town like Portarlington on the Bellarine Peninsula in Victoria.

3 coating system (2 coat epoxy, 1 polyurethane) for marine and salt air environments

1.       Interzinc 52 Zinc rich epoxy providing anodic protection

2.       intermediate coat of Interplus 1180 high build epoxy providing barrier protection of prime coat

3.       Last of all is Interthane 870 (satin) Polyurethane providing excellent UV protection.

This 3 coat paint system will provide excellent durability to the harsh marine environment. This coating will provide a minimum of ten years and up to 15 years until the first service is required.

Whilst the cricket screens are a small job in the scheme of things this treatment is typical of architectural and larger engineering projects that are exposed to a salt air and coastal environment. As you can see from the images below we are really geared up for much larger industrial jobs but we must say it was our pleasure to work with the Portarlington Cricket Club.