Protective coatings, internal and external structural steel Melbourne

ssendon Penleigh Grammar school development project

Penleigh and Essendon Grammar School – sport centre

Complete Metal Protection (CMP) recently worked on this exciting new development for the Essendon and Penleigh Grammar school (PEGS) – sports centre. The builder for this project was McCorkells and the client was Vic Structural. CMP worked closely with Sherwin-Williams Protective Marine Coatings for the specific coatings for this project.

Our brief was to coat the structural steel in accordance with the architectural requirements.

Protective coatings for external and internal structural steel

The following elements were used as part of the process in providing the required steel treated and coated to exacting specifications for this project

  • Upgraded two coat protective coating system for external steel members;
  • 15 year warranty
    • System, colour, and low gloss finish
    • Zinc-Clad 4100 New product of Sherwin Williams, organic zinc rich epoxy primer
  • Acrolon 775 top coat  (Low gloss high solids urethane topcoat)
  • Surface preparation on internal concealed steel members;
  • Abrasive blast SA1 Red Oxide Zinc Phosphate – Duranamel PR9 (high build zinc phosphate primer)

At CMP 3 core elements are at the core of each project we undertake.

  1. Preparation
  2. Quality coating materials
  3. Quality craftsmanship and skilled workforce

Preparation. For PEGS we checked for mill scale, rust and oil, grease fat perspiration. And where applicable attention was paid to welds and the adjacent areas. All mild steels had both a pretreatment and surface preparation prior to applying the applicable coatings.

Quality coating materials. This goes without saying. For this specific job we worked with Sherwin-Williams Protective Marine Coatings

Quality craftsmanship and the skill of our workforce. At CMP we have firmly believe in building a reputation rather than relying on one.