Protecting epoxy coatings, Geelong

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Since it’s invention in the 1930’s epoxy coatings have been widely utilised to protect metal surfaces, and here at Complete Metal Protection in Geelong, we have been experts in the application of epoxies since the 1950’s. But how do we go about protecting epoxy coatings and why would we need it?

This system offers an excellent long-term solution for a wide range of demanding situations. After some time in the elements the surface of the coating will begin to lose its gloss and visual appeal. This is a normal part of the process and presents no issue to the protective qualities of the coatings. Aesthetically, however, the loss of gloss which, with time, will give way to a chalkiness on the surface of the paint is likely to be an issue in situations where presentation is important.

To prevent this scenario, we have 2 top-coat options, polyurethane and polysiloxane.

Both provide high gloss, hard wearing protection from UV light and the elements, and will enable colours to remain bright and strong for long term allure. The smooth shinny finish is almost self-cleaning as even a moderately heavy rain shower will clear the surface of dust and debris.

Polyurethane is often selected for applications ranging from domestic through to plant and equipment, and offshore use. These situations can be very testing environments and stand as a testament to the effectiveness of polyurethane.

For commercial situations requiring protection due to exceptionally high use, such as train stations and public access areas, polysiloxane is often utilised. Polysiloxane lifts the bar on toughness and long-term wear and tear. It provides an exceptionally hard finish and outstanding protection for bright colours. Boasting 10 to 15 years of durability until first maintenance. Polysiloxane is often the preferred choice for government owned assets.

At Complete Metal Protection we take pride in all that we do.

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