Industrial inorganic zinc coated steel, Ballarat

Industrial inorganic zinc coated steel, Ballarat

Demand for industrial inorganic zinc coated steel in Ballarat is high as construction remains busy in challenging times. Inorganic zinc rich coatings in combination with silicate binders, deliver outstanding corrosion protection to metal as they react with the atmospheric carbon dioxide. This process, called silicification, reacts with substrates, chemically bonding to the surface rather than just placing a covering over it. In addition to delivering a sustainable solution, this process offers impressive fire resistance, UV protection, vapor permeability and durability.

The chemical bond between the metal surface and the coating is very strong, and is permanent, ensuring long term protection even in extreme environmental conditions.

The science behind this process is well understood, however, the application requires specialist knowledge and expert technique. We have been delivering inorganic zinc coatings to jobs across Victoria since the 1950’s – not all that long after Victor Nightingall patented the process in 1937. At Complete Metal Protection, we pride ourselves on the expertise that experience, combined with ongoing education and training brings.

We stand by our work as testament to our skill and expertise.

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