Protecting metal surfaces from salty air on the Bellarine


The Bellarine Peninsula has seen enormous growth over the last few years. And rightly so! The opportunities on offer to enjoy a seaside destination lifestyle are seemingly endless. Infrastructure is on the move enabling easier access and better facilities. Businesses are investing – offering more goods & services – from fine dining to hardware and banking to sporting goods. People of all ages and backgrounds, from first home buyers to retirees are making the Bellarine home.

Whether you’re sitting high on a hill with a coastal view, or walking distance from the beach, the risk to metal assets from salty air on the Bellarine is ever present and should be dealt with professionally and thoroughly. Science tells us that humid ocean air corrodes 10 times faster than normal humidity and is significantly more damaging than standard rust. (ref: So, it stands to reason that your metal protection should be 10 times more thorough!

At Complete Metal Protection being 10 times more thorough than our competitors is certainly our aim! We specialise in epoxy coatings, zinc rich and zinc phosphate elements creating outstanding protective coatings for surfaces in salty conditions.

Our focus on professionalism ensures all stages of our processes are inspected and tested to meet or exceed all specifications and expectations.

Accredited to PCCP (Painting Contractor Certification Program) we are regularly audited, providing our customers with the assurance of the highest standards at all times.

The challenges presenting by metal surfaces in salty air require professional solutions. And at Complete Metal Protection, that’s precisely what you’ll get! Contact us to discuss the right solution for you.