Durable metal coatings for seaside settings, Surf Coast

Complete Metal Protection

The alure of coastal living is undeniable. Breathtaking views. Fresh sea air. Sand between the toes. Beach towels drying on the railing.

But the beauty and relaxation mask a tough environment.

The mix of salt, oxygen and moisture along the surf coast is extremely corrosive. The damage to metal from this mixture is worse than the standard effects of rust, causing the metal to literally fall apart. Humid ocean air corrodes 10 times faster than normal humidity. (ref:

But it is certainly not all doom and gloom! The science and technical developments over the hundreds of years of metal being utilised in coastal settings, have equipped us with the knowledge, techniques and chemical expertise to ensure long term durable protection. Durable metal coatings for seaside settings have come a long way!

We offer the right solution for each challenge, often applying zinc rich or zinc phosphate epoxy coatings to safeguard not only the asset – but the lifelong dream of seaside living.

At Complete Metal Protection, we are about long term, durable solutions for metal structures and we’re here to discuss your project. We look forward to speaking with you.

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