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“Good evening, and welcome to television.” Those were the faithful words delivered in 1956 by Bruce Gyngell, announcing the launch of television broadcasting in Australia. Modern wonders were sweeping across the world, in some cases literally, Electroluxes were cleaning our floors, and homes were filled with bulky, round shouldered appliances!

Bruce Gyngell Tv 50's

The 50’s saw a driving revolution too, with many Australians driving Ford Customlines and FJ Sedans, created by a small, now defunct, company called Holden. You may have heard of them! Who’d have thought!

Fashion was on the move too – with rock and roll not only on the airwaves but establishing its own look! And of course, its own king!

CMP Geelong Complete Metal Protection

Also established in the 1950’s, but unlike Holden still standing strong, were the beginnings of Complete Metal Protection. Back then we were Flemings Painting (& yes, we have checked, there is no relation to Ian Fleming of James Bond fame, who was also very busy in the 50’s!).

Unlike today, back in the 50’s Geelong was a tad isolated from the rest of the state and our contribution to the decade’s incredible growth and prosperity was to provide the most thorough and professional paintwork on offer in the region. There is no better way for a business to continue to thrive for such a long period.

Over time we expanded our services to provide both blasting and coating options.

As our offerings became more focused on ‘complete’ solutions, we also changed our name to Complete Metal Protection.

Today, our experience in blasting and coatings is second to none.

industrial metal plate blasting and coating

CMP’s Garnet and Glass Bead Abrasive techniques each suit different applications and client needs enabling us to provide the appropriate service for your requirements.

Protecting metal is what we do. And we do it completely. Thorough protection starts with surface preparation and finishes with coatings that meet specification.

Being accredited to PCCP (Painting Contractor Certification Program) CMP is regularly audited to ensure all standards are met. Complete Metal Protection is also a member of NACE International, and we have our own NACE Coating Inspector Level 1 – certified on staff.

At CMP our experience is complete, and we’re here to help complete your next project. Contact us to discuss how we can get you started.