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Intumescent Coatings Melbourne

Intumescent coatings are one of Complete Metal Protection’s most important Melbourne services, particularly when you consider their heroic ability to fight fire and save lives. Installed in buildings, offices, residential properties, shopping centers and hospitals, this service coats sections of the building with layers of intumescent, a specially formulated substance that swells and forms an insulating layer when faced with a rise in heat exposure.

Without an intumescent coating, a steel building will lose its load-bearing capacity in the event of a fire and if heat levels reach over 550°C, the stability of the buildings structure risks great destruction.

Using the state-of-the-art Nullifire and Sherwin Williams products, intumescent coatings effectively extinguish and prevent the spread of what is called ‘Cellulosic fires’, which are caused by cellulosic materials including paper, timber, plastics and even furniture.

Our Melbourne intumescent coatings service has been extensively tested in accordance with national standards and is an essential form of insurance for the life of your building, and those inside it, offering up to 120 crucial minutes of fire protection.

With vast experience in the industry and a team of reliable professionals, Complete Metal Protection can help protect the safety of any Melbourne building, big or small. Contact us today on 03 5248 2021 to find out more about our intumescent coating service.

Complete Metal Protection also offer a Geelong-based Epoxy coating service, that services Victoria-wide. We look forward to your call.