Benefits of using intumescent fire protection coatings for your Melbourne building

Intumescent fire protection coatings Melbourne - CMP

When a fire starts in a building, every minute counts – and that’s why intumescent fire protection coatings in Melbourne are so important.

Put simply, these high-tech coatings help save lives and valuable assets. They give firefighters time to extinguish a blaze before the stability of the building’s steel structure fails. Up to 120 minutes of extra time, delivered by the power of intumescent technology, can make a world of difference.

At Complete Metal Protection, our intumescent coatings service is a core part of our business. We apply superior protective coatings including Nullifire SC902 and Firetex FX6002 to a wide range of steel structures, big and small.

Our team, highly trained and accredited in intumescent application, play an active role in helping buildings withstand the dangers of cellulosic fires. These fires have a fuel source that’s cellulosic in nature, such as paper, timber or plastic.

But when a fire occurs, these ‘next-generation’ coatings react, creating a insulating layer of inorganic char to protect the steelwork from failing when fire triggers a dramatic heat rise. This provides a valuable window of opportunity for firefighters to suppress the blaze before the steel structure is compromised. And that can mean the difference between building recovery and collapse.

Complete Metal Protection prides itself on excellence. We believe in quality – when it comes to staff, the work we do and the products we use. And we are passionate about delivering the best result possible for every client, every job we tackle.

So it’s no surprise that when it comes to intumescent fire protection coatings Melbourne clients want the best. That’s why we use state-of-the-art products from leading manufacturers in this specialist field.

Proven performers in fire protection

Nullifire SC902, a fast-track hybrid intumescent on the cuting edge of passive fire protection, has many attributes including:

  • The product, which comes from Tremco CPG, is designed for on and off-site use and features a fast cure, meaning it can be touch dry in 60 minutes;
  • It’s also showerproof within an hour;
  • The superior self-priming system tolerates a light rusting to steel;
  • SC902’s efficient fast-track process, which is single application, delivers welcome productivity gains for the build;
  • And, of course, there’s the fire rating of up to two hours.

Firetex FX6002, a second-generation, ultra-fast, durable Methacrylate intumescent from the renowned Sherwin-Williams stable, boasts quality features including:

  • Its boosting of steelwork protection goes hand in hand with a reduction in the necessary thickness;
  • A tough, ceramic-like finish that makes it highly resistant to damage when handled, transported and erected;
  • It’s also dry for handling and top-coating in 90 minutes;
  • It has a smooth finish off the gun;
  • And a fire rating up to 120 minutes.

When you use our intumescent fire protection coatings in Melbourne, you can rest assured you’re in the hands of experienced professionals. Our service has been rigorously tested in line with national standards.

If you would like to know more about this service, which offers a valuable layer of protection to your building and the people in it, please call us today on 03 5248 2021.